Next Gen TruckLoad Shipping Platform

The Ultimate End-to-End System to TRACK, MANAGE & SAVE on Your Truckload Shipping.

Truckload Shipment
Management—all in one place.

Load Connex is a platform for locating truckload availability, accurate rating, planning and tendering loads, tracking shipments and managing documents—all in one place.

This platform is for the busy transportation executive with no time to endlessly call and email brokers and carriers for shipping moves. It’s a one-stop shop for locating available capacity inside your broker/carrier networks, expanding your network, getting more competitive and accurate rates and being able to manage the shipments through our best-in-class tracking capabilities. Locate Truckload Availability-- Quickly locate available capacity inside your broker and carrier networks with automated communication to book loads. Accurate Quotes-- from your carriers and brokers and eventually any other carrier we can find. Flawless Visibility-- Track and monitor the trucks for ontime pickups and deliveries.                      Automate and Streamline Process-- From planning a load to tendering the completed shipment. Customer Satisfaction-- Give your customers the most user-friendly portal to track their loads.

Fuel Program

Get rebates on fuel & other services at truck stops nationwide with our virtual & plastic cards.

Tired of high fuel prices while big carriers get all the breaks? At Load Connex, we offer tailor-made unbeatable fuel rates like those enjoyed by large fleets. No hidden fees, just straightforward savings. Join us today to take control of your fuel costs hassle-free.
Big savings-- Save an average of $500 on fuel per month, per truck. Competitive edge-- Get discounts similar to large fleets. Fuel price map-- Show your drivers the best fuel prices along their routes. Rebate sharing-- Share your rebates with your drivers & owner-operators, with detailed control over what percentages you share. Easy card management-- Set dollar or gallon limits on cards and give access to virtual cards that can be used immediately, with a few clicks. Automatic IFTA data-- Easily connect your trucks' ELDs and generate data for IFTA reports automatically – no manual record-keeping required. Sign Up for Fuel Program

Get Quotes

Our “Get Quote” feature is essentially a freight shipping calculator that provides an easy way of looking up rates which carriers have historically charged for similar shipments. Additionally, get real-time bids from trucking companies that want to haul your loads. Learn more

Track and Monitor Freight Movement

Get real time visibility and see your truck move on a Google map with all the features that you are familiar with and like such as satellite and street view. Proactively track, monitor, and react to potential disruptions before they occur. Learn more
LoadConnex offers a smartphone app that converts the driver’s iOS or Android smartphone into a tracking device. The app is completely free with unlimited use when you sign up.

Automate and Accelerate Meaningful Interactions

Automate communications with carriers and freight-brokers to check rates and availability then notifications throughout the shipment to relay location and estimated arrival time. Learn more

System Integration for Seamless Data Flow

quote Using application programming interface (API) technology or EDI, Load Connex creates loads directly from your systems and then pulls data and status updates from all of the third-party vendors and suppliers you work with to give you a holistic, real-time view of your supply chain. Load Connex leverages machine learning, and predictive analytics to see what’s happening throughout your entire supply chain—all in one centralized platform. Learn more

Customer Portal

Provide your customers with up-to-the-minute and accurate information complete with maps, real-time tracking, automatic event notifications and imaging on any shipment currently in transit or even ones from the past. Learn more

Carrier Selection &

Limit risk and liability and work only with the safest carriers. Our 9-step vetting process is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated options available in the industry. Learn more

Shipping Documents

Manage documents like bills of ladings, P.O.D.s and store them securely in the Load Connex cloud for easy access. Learn more

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