Track and Monitor Freight Movement

Our tracking system is not just a truck-icon on a map, it’s knowing when a truck arrived and departed, it’s being alerted in advance when a pick-up or a delivery cannot be made on-time, it’s avoiding detention charges and a lot more. Improve planning, reduce cost and get complete transparency. We track via carrier’s ELD or their driver’s phone. We have integrated with telemetry providers that almost all carriers in the US and Canada are required to have by law. Alternatively, we have a simple to use and secure smartphone app that drivers can install on their iOS or Android devices and track your load that way. Our system generates event driven notifications each time a truck arrives or departs a pick-up or a delivery location as well as when the truck cannot meet its scheduled appointment. You can customize your personal settings to receive notifications for any or all of the events via email or text. Using machine learning and smart algorithms we generate industry’s most accurate arrival and departure times. Use this also to mitigate carrier detention and reduce accessorial charges. Impress your customers and provide tracking as well as other time-saving features through our customer portal. Create as many customer-user-accounts as they need, there is no limit! Want to share tracking information but don’t want to create a user-account? Easily create and share a link specifically for tracking that one load.